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Joe Pfeiffer

Joseph Pfeiffer Jr.

Review Building Permit applications and associated Engineered plans for compliance with the code. Issue permits when the proposed plans and application are correct and complete. Conduct Building Inspections. Inspect new building under construction. Before pouring footing, wall or slab to check bracing, reinforcement, compaction etc. Before back filling foundation to check for proper drainage and watertight wall or walls. Before enclosing framing to see that proper materials and techniques were used. Before covering the septic system to check for the proper installation. Heating systems and chimneys to insure that they are safely installed, and in accordance with manufactures installation instructions. Before enclosing plumbing to insure proper slope on drains and check venting, make sure traps were installed in the proper locations, and that the proper type and size of materials were used. Before enclosing insulation to make sure it is properly inssulated and the proper R value. File a copy of the Electrical Inspection-confer with the electrical inspector if necessary. Final building inspection to insure that all safety concerns are met. Confer with the applicant, contractor and or engineer to get as built plans, if required. Inspect the installation of Manufactured housing to make sure it follows the installation instructions. Answer complaints between tenants and land lords. Investigate written complaints from concerned citizens. I do inspections of chimneys or structural fires after the Fire Department notifies me. After the satisfactory completion of the final inspection, I issue a certificate of occupancy permit.